While we hope and expect that all parties involved in this project will act in good faith, we are fortunate to have the protection of New York City's progressive tenant-protection measures. Below are a host of useful links to various city agencies, regulations, and standards governing anything from permissible construction hours to acceptable noise and dust levels:

  • The city of New York is governed by approximately 6,000 distinct rules addressing any and all aspects of life. They are bound in a document called the Rules of the City of New York, or the RCNY. Here is the RCNY's Title 28, which deals with the Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD). 

  • The HPD has specific rules pertaining to residential tenants, which can be found here

  • Also relevant to us is New York State's Multiple Dwelling Law, which requires "the establishment and maintenance of proper housing standards requiring sufficient light, air, sanitation and protection from fire hazards."

  • You can find New York City's construction codes, updated for 2014, here

  • The contractor must comply with submitted, engineered safety plans that the city's Building Enforcement Safety Team squad approves. Construction means and methods and safety must comply with the latest iteration of the New York City Building Code,  Chapter 33, available here, as well as Title 1 of the RCNY